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Welcome to our site

The legend comes to life now walks among us.
Now it's available for the ordinary people as well, not just talking in the peloton, that it does not exist ...

The "Bicitruccata" is a concept, which fulfills the dreams of every single biker.

During the "bicitruccata" ride the biker loads his/her muscles as she/he wants.

Headwind, hill climbing , hurry, younger - powerful sports partners? No matter!
The ultimate solution is to "bicitruccata".
Once you tried, you never ever return to normal bikes.
The "bicitruccata" a luxury item, which may cause dependency and makes you a maniac.

The world's lightest and highest power / weight ratio electric power-assisted bicycle which cannot be identified just by a single look at the design. This bike has no sound and makes absolutely  no noise during the whole ride and we are the only company in the world market who sells it to you.